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The High Street Fund is a registered charity which was set up to provide emergency financial help to small businesses directly affected by the urban riots of August 2011.

 The Fund has been enormously successful, helping many hundreds of small businesses, often where very little support was available from elsewhere. This could not have been possible with the huge support we have received from corporate, private donors and a vast number of volunteers who have given their time to help.

 Now that the Fund has completed its mission, it has ceased all its operations and is in the process of winding itself up. Therefore it is no longer able to receive applications from affected businesses or organisations seeking support for community based schemes.

 If you cannot find the information you need on this website, or wish to contact the Fund before it closes, please send an email toresponses@thehighstreetfund.co.uk.

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The holiday season is almost near and everyone is absolutely preparing for something special for their family and friends. With the arrival of celebratory occasions, for sure it would be an added stress particularly for all the people who are experiencing or in a tight budget this coming holiday season. It is much too hard to spend and celebrate the holiday season with less money on the pocket than the usual.


Well, with that said, we are here to give some tips that can help you with your holiday dilemmas. Make sure your holidays are affordable this time of the year by using these simple money saving tips that we have compiled for you.

1. Be in control when it comes to developing a budget these days

It is in your best interest to create a detailed budget plan or list for the items that you will need to buy. You need to consider all the things that are necessary before the other ones. Start by writing down the names of every person you intend to buy a gift for, no matter how big or small they may be. If money looks like it’s going to be really tight, look into easy ways to make cash for the Christmas season.

2. Start cutting down unnecessary everyday expenses today

When the holiday season is fast approaching, there are so many easy ways you can do to spend less money during that time. You need to cut down on everyday expenses to save more money. Start by checking out your electricity bills that might hike up during the winter months. Plan a Christmas movie night, spend one evening carolling, or ask neighbours to join you in a potluck to celebrate the holiday season. These are just simple ways to cut down your expenses during holiday season.

3. Holiday season is the best time to quit your bad habits in spending too much

It is really the best time to do it. If you spend too much money on your bad habits (i.e. cigarettes etc.) you better start changing it and it is time to make a change with your holiday expenses. Quitting smoking can save you bundles each year, and it could save your health. Aside from smoking, set a limit of two drinks per event and save yourself the worries of feeling terrible the next day and keep your wallet full.

4. Take credit cards out of your wallet and leave it in your home

When doing this, you can surely save money when you leave your credit cards in the house especially if it is not necessary to spend before the holiday season will come. Using cash instead of cards will give you a better awareness of just how much you’re spending, especially during those long days at the mall.

5. Consider shopping for gifts and holiday decors online

I do love shopping online because, aside from the fact that it is budget-friendly, you can find interesting stuff online that you can use or re-use for this holiday season. It can really you money and the headache of dealing with holiday crowds too. A variety of retailers offer amazing deals on electronics, clothing, and more, meaning your Christmas shopping can be done without leaving your couch.


The spirit of holiday season is all about giving, loving and being with your loved ones wherever you are. It doesn’t mean that you need to spend more that can lead you to loss of money. Just stick to your budget and follow a better holiday spending habits without dealing with debt afterwards. Spend and shop wisely this holiday season folks!

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Does 2014 felt like a frugal year for your savings? Do you think this 2015 you could surpass all that negativity and continue to focus on saving for bigger spending days to come? As I go on with my journey every day, I also learned that if you want to value your hard earned money, you need to take responsibility with all your finances for this year.

If you want 2015 to focus on you saving your money and then continue to build a good and longer lasting relationship with your money, you need to consider these tips and take note of it. This year is your time to spend less and save more.

No More Night Outs

Going out with friends during Fridays or even weekends are definitely a fun time, right? It’s more fun to hang out with friends and just enjoy a fine dining or clubbing. But, if you are eager to save more money this year, perhaps you should tone down the nightlife for awhile. You can switch to watching TV at the comfort of your home.

Netflix has so many new movies that you can enjoy while eating home-made popcorns or jelly donuts with your pet or perhaps you can invite your friends for movie marathon. It’s more efficient and a good way to save more money than spending it out for just one night. If you’re short on cash, finding a way to still enjoy your downtime without breaking the bank is the best of both worlds.

Spend Time Planning Your Meals

Sometimes we just want to pick the things that we want and put it in the grocery cart when we have extra money on our pocket, right? Well, you need to carefully change this attitude now because you might end up spending money on the lesser things that you don’t actually or necessarily wanted or needed.

If you are planning to have a grocery every Saturday or Sunday of the week, make sure you have a meal plan written already. This will give you a lot of time to schedule and write down what are the things you needed to buy for the whole week or month perhaps. This will also wince a little of how much you have spend for foods for seven days.

Also, this way you will only buy what you need and not just order a takeaway one night because you don’t have anything to eat in your fridge.

Know What’s Coming In and Going Out

It’s the only way to stop your financial expenses from spreading too much. You can start by using a spreadsheet and work out with your incoming savings and finances. Afterwards, you should also input your outgoing expenses for the month and in that way, you can see what is left and what is spent with your money.  Depending on how much you plan to save each month, once you have your budget you then have no excuse to overspend. It also avoids any money-related stress and can help you with your health condition. Check at least every two days with your bank balance or credit balance.

Goals in Saving Money

Most of us have hard time spending less especially if our demands and supplies are in different shape. If you really want and eager to spend less and save more this 2015, you need to adjust your behaviors in spending too much expenses and start creating a concrete goals to work towards everything.

Follow your goals in saving money and you’ll be surprised with the outcome for sure. Sometimes we have “rainy days” so you better start thinking about it in the first place. Set a target number and then put an action plan to get there. This way you can stay motivated and on track of your expenses from time to time.

No More Emotional and Stress Spending

This is the most common reason why people spend too much of their expenses rather than saving it for the better good. There are things that we call “stress eating”, “panic buying” and even “emotional shopping” that can trigger spending your money on things that are not necessary to your needs. Aside from that, it can only cause you stress and health problems.

If you’re an emotional shopper, next time you feel the urge to spend money you really shouldn’t be spending on, instead explore ways to change the situations that are bringing you down. Keep out of bad spending habits and try something healthy aside from this kind of behaviour. You can talk to someone about your personal problems and do not think about it at all if you are in the brink of losing your finances. That way you can’t have that super guilty feeling by the end of the month.

Keep on doing this and by the time, you might be surprised of how far your money has reached after months of doing this procedure.

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What are your prime money objectives?

Most individuals, once asked that question, answer with general goals, like achieving money security.

The fact is, several people haven’t thought a lot of regarding that money objectives extremely matter most. Instead, we have a tendency to muddle through our money lives, defrayment to fulfill the regular expenses that dominate our attention.

That approach risks exploit your most vital objectives unrealised.

That’s what this lesson is all about: serving to you determine the money goals that matter most to you and ensuring they happen.

That’s not as simple because it sounds, since money goals frequently touch each other. Paying for a child’s braces might rob cash that will otherwise get in his school fund, as an example. And saving effectively for your kids’ school will wipe out any hope of putt aside adequate cash for your own retirement.

That’s why to induce what you would like most you need to 1) decide that goals can take priority and 2) work toward the lesser goals solely when the extremely vital ones ar well provided for.

Fortunately, you have got a minimum of one ally in meeting your long-range goals: time. that is a plus thanks to the ability of combination – the very fact that even alittle quantity of cash will earn interest, which annually that interest gets applied to a growing add of cash.

The point is that to place time on your facet, you wish to make your mind up early that of the various potential money goals ar extremely price following – and begin operating toward them.

To get started, create an inventory of all the items that you’d ought to feel secure, happy or consummated. These will vary from the weighty (getting out of debt) to the luxurious (a Lamborghini). you do not ought to order them however.

But you must try and place down all of the money-related things that may extremely get your motor started. And if you have got a partner or companion, try this exercise together! Here ar some common goals you’ll need to consider:

– Accumulating enough savings

– shopping for a house

– obtaining out of debt – and staying out

– guaranteeing that your oldsters ar comfy and well taken care of in their adulthood

– Paying for your children’s school education

– Amassing enough wealth to retire well

Once you have got your list in hand, go on to consequent section, wherever you will confirm that of those goals ar most vital to you.

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