The High Street Fund

The High Street Fund is a registered charity which was set up to provide emergency financial help to small businesses directly affected by the urban riots of August 2011.

 The Fund has been enormously successful, helping many hundreds of small businesses, often where very little support was available from elsewhere. This could not have been possible with the huge support we have received from corporate, private donors and a vast number of volunteers who have given their time to help.

 Now that the Fund has completed its mission, it has ceased all its operations and is in the process of winding itself up. Therefore it is no longer able to receive applications from affected businesses or organisations seeking support for community based schemes.

 If you cannot find the information you need on this website, or wish to contact the Fund before it closes, please send an email

Set Up Your Financial Goals


What are your prime money objectives?

Most individuals, once asked that question, answer with general goals, like achieving money security.

The fact is, several people haven’t thought a lot of regarding that money objectives extremely matter most. Instead, we have a tendency to muddle through our money lives, defrayment to fulfill the regular expenses that dominate our attention.

That approach risks exploit your most vital objectives unrealised.

That’s what this lesson is all about: serving to you determine the money goals that matter most to you and ensuring they happen.

That’s not as simple because it sounds, since money goals frequently touch each other. Paying for a child’s braces might rob cash that will otherwise get in his school fund, as an example. And saving effectively for your kids’ school will wipe out any hope of putt aside adequate cash for your own retirement.

That’s why to induce what you would like most you need to 1) decide that goals can take priority and 2) work toward the lesser goals solely when the extremely vital ones ar well provided for.

Fortunately, you have got a minimum of one ally in meeting your long-range goals: time. that is a plus thanks to the ability of combination – the very fact that even alittle quantity of cash will earn interest, which annually that interest gets applied to a growing add of cash.

The point is that to place time on your facet, you wish to make your mind up early that of the various potential money goals ar extremely price following – and begin operating toward them.

To get started, create an inventory of all the items that you’d ought to feel secure, happy or consummated. These will vary from the weighty (getting out of debt) to the luxurious (a Lamborghini). you do not ought to order them however.

But you must try and place down all of the money-related things that may extremely get your motor started. And if you have got a partner or companion, try this exercise together! Here ar some common goals you’ll need to consider:

- Accumulating enough savings

- shopping for a house

- obtaining out of debt – and staying out

- guaranteeing that your oldsters ar comfy and well taken care of in their adulthood

- Paying for your children’s school education

- Amassing enough wealth to retire well

Once you have got your list in hand, go on to consequent section, wherever you will confirm that of those goals ar most vital to you.